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Frequently Asked Questions

  • I'm not sure which plan to choose

    At this point you can just choose any plan - simply register by clicking any of the "Get Started" buttons above.

    Once you integrate your project with Knapsack Pro, we will start collecting your test suite's timing data. The length of your tests will then determine the right tier for you.

  • How is the length of our test files determined?

    Knapsack Pro collects your test suite's timing data, i.e. how long did every file take to run. The total length of your test files is simply a sum of the average runtimes of each individual files that you run.

  • Are there any other usage limits?

    We do not enforce any other limits (like user seats, number of parallel nodes, number of builds, etc.). Your price is dependent strictly on the average runtimes of your test files.

  • What if we have multiple projects or test suites?

    If you integrate multiple test suites with your Knapsack Pro account, we just sum up the average runtimes of all individual files that are run and determine the total price based on that.

  • Does our Open Source project qualify for a free plan?

    The criteria to qualify are as follows:

    • Your team or organization is a non-commercial entity,
    • The project's source code is publicly under an OSI-approved license,
    • You add the Knapsack Pro badge to your project's README.

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What our happy customers say

We've been really enjoying Knapsack Pro, it's been saving us a ton of time.

Devin Brown Software Engineer at Pivotal

Knapsack Pro has helped us build an insanely fast and scalable build pipeline with almost no setup or maintenance.

Tim Lucas Co-founder

Your no-pressure sales model really worked for me. The fact there was no pressure and we were getting value really helped me make the purchase decision.

Patrick Collins Designer / Lead Software Engineer

This is a fantastic product, it's been a total game-changer for us.

Geoff Harcourt CTO at CommonLit

I just logged into my account expecting it to say that I needed to add a credit card and was so surprised and delighted to see the trial doesn't count usage by calendar days but by testing days! This is incredible! I love it!!!

I just wanted to say that I really appreciate that small but very huge feature. Thank you for being so thoughtful :)

Shannon Baffoni Senior Software Engineer
at Blue Bottle Coffee